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Block Management Services

This service is perfect for properties in a shared complex.

Call us for management of blocks of flats, cluster homes and commercial buildings.

Property Block Management Service

Here’s What We Will Do: Moving Forward

Shared blocks of flats and cluster houses are usually run by an owner’s association management committee made up of volunteers. Although they have the best intentions and great ideas, they often do not have the time and expertise to deal with the everyday problems. Frequent challenges involve the finances & financial reporting, maintenance and supervision of staff.

Here’s what we offer….

We reduce the workload of the owners committee by taking care of these challenges and managing the block on daily basis. We provide regular routine inspections and monthly accounts of the blocks affairs. We oversee maintenance and property developments your committee decides upon.

If your property owners want a well-run block with full accountability in order to increase your revenue and the value of your asset, then you are in very good hands. All you need do is pick up the phone, give us a call and one of our dedicated property managers will assist you with any questions you may have.

Here’s what we will do……

  1. We make sure that all parties sign a block management contract. This outlines the services offered for which we will be accountable
  2. We collect agreed monthly levies when they are due.
  3. Once the levies have been paid, we provide payment of regular block expenses covering staff, utilities, repairs and maintenance costs
  4. We carry out regular inspections of your property block and inform your owners committee of areas which need further attention.
  5. We carry out the decisions of your management committee, organising quotations for your repairs and supervising contractors.
  6. We supervise the work of the caretaker involving work contracts, work performance and provision of tools & consumables
  7. We will advise and recommend for your ownership committee development projects to improve your property. Development projects which we have often managed include repainting, plumbing and borehole drilling. We support your developments by obtaining quotations, calculating the cost, collecting special levy from the owners and managing contractors.
  8. We manage the monthly accounts and provide statements covering the Income & Expenses, Cash movement, Balance Sheet, Debtors and Creditors. Our accountants expertise shows how your associations funds are being used and so helps you to make future financial decisions.

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